W-e have been forced to live our lives in very different ways and the effects of this can be adverse — even paralyzing for some.  The answers to the following questions may be different now than they were prior to the Coronavirus outbreak in the US.  It’s important to use this time to reevaluate our needs and goals.  In turn, we can embrace and enjoy a new sense of ourselves, of our family, our friends, and our futures!

Who are you?  You are still the same person, of course, but did you put too much of your identity into your job?  Into something/someone else?  Who have you become and do you like this person?  Can you help this person grow?  How?

Who do you trust?  If the people that are around you now are not your most trusted, now is the time to reconnect and restore that.  This also allows you to know and embrace where you belong!  Do you still feel connected to loved ones in spite of the isolation?  How can you better connect?  Skype?  Cards or letters?  E-mails?  Phone calls?  Online games/apps that you can play together?

Your choices and commitments reflect your purpose.  Where are your priorities?  How have these changed and how have they affected you and your relationships?  How does this assessment affect how you view and relate to your job and has this changed?  Is this a good thing?

What do you do well?  Sure, most likely, we feel like we do our jobs well.  But now, is that all that matters?  Is that all you are and know and love?  What is your favorite hobby or pastime?  Have you found yours?  Now is that time!  You won’t be disappointed.  Find, and root yourself, in the people and things you love the most.

Take a deep breath, relax, be safe, be happy, and be healthy!


Joy Johnson, Secretary and EMS Captain/EMT-B

This material was adapted from Dr Kathy Koch’s  Five to Thrive


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